martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

John Barry is dead.

pues no va y se muere.... :,(

[$Current_Film_Date]  Enigma
[$Current_Film_Date]  Mercury Rising
 Playing By Heart
[$Current_Film_Date]  Swept From The Sea
[$Current_Film_Date]  Across the Sea of Time [IMAX Movie]
 Cry the Beloved Country
 The Scarlet Letter
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Specialist
[$Current_Film_Date]  Indecent Proposal
 My Life
 Ruby Cairo
[$Current_Film_Date]  Chaplin
[$Current_Film_Date]  Dances With Wolves
[$Current_Film_Date]  A Killing Affair
[$Current_Film_Date]  Hearts Of Fire
 The Living Daylights
[$Current_Film_Date]  Howard The Duck
 Peggy Sue Got Married
[$Current_Film_Date]  Jagged Edge
 Out of Africa
 A View To A Kill
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Cotton Club
 Until September
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Golden Seal
 High Road To China
[$Current_Film_Date]  Frances
[$Current_Film_Date]  Body Heat
 The Legend Of The Lone Ranger
[$Current_Film_Date]  Inside Moves
 Murder By Phone (Bells)
 Raise The Titanic
 Somewhere In Time
 Touched By Love
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Black Hole
 The Corn is Green [TV Movie]
 Game Of Death
 Hanover Street
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Betsy
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Deep
 Eleanor And Franklin: The White House Years
 First Love
 The Gathering
 The War Between the Tates
 The White Buffalo
 Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy
[$Current_Film_Date]  Eleanor And Franklin
 King Kong
 Robin And Marian
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Day Of The Locust
 Love Among The Ruins
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Dove
 The Man With The Golden Gun
 Night Games [TV Movie]
 The Tamarind Seed
[$Current_Film_Date]  A Doll's House
 The Glass Menagerie
[$Current_Film_Date]  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
 The Public Eye
[$Current_Film_Date]  Diamonds Are Forever
 The Last Valley
 Mary, Queen Of Scots
 Murphy's War
 They Might Be Giants
[$Current_Film_Date]  Monte Walsh
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Appointment
 Midnight Cowboy
 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
[$Current_Film_Date]  Boom!
 The Lion in Winter
[$Current_Film_Date]  Dutchman
 The Whisperers
 You Only Live Twice
[$Current_Film_Date]  Born Free
 The Chase
 The Quiller Memorandum
 The Wrong Box
[$Current_Film_Date]  Four In The Morning
 The Ipcress File
 King Rat
 The Knack And How To Get It
 Mister Moses
[$Current_Film_Date]  The Amorous Mr. Prawn
 Man In The Middle
 Seance On A Wet Afternoon
[$Current_Film_Date]  From Russia With Love
 The L-Shaped Room
 They All Died Laughing (A Jolly Bad Fellow)
[$Current_Film_Date]  Dr. No (arranger)
 Mix Me A Person
[$Current_Film_Date]  Never Let Go
[$Current_Film_Date]  Wild For Kicks (Beat Girl)

4 comentarios:

FHNavarro dijo...

Sí, se murió... con la de veces que sobrevolamos África juntos... En fin, así es la vida.

Un saludo

Duncan de Gross dijo...

Un clásico que no se va, es impresionante su obra.

Montse dijo...

Con esta pérdida el cine se lleva a unos de sus grandes maestros y el Agente 007 pierde parte de su identidad al faltarle el fondo musical que mayoritariamente lo acompañó.

jorgogi dijo...


pues tienes toda la razón, xq a1q algunas de las últimas BSOs se modernizaron con Don Davis, no llenan como lo hacian las de JB

1 saludin!


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